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5th Annual Tight 5 Sevens - August 27, 2016

Every year, forwards from all over the country wait anxiously for one day in August. That warm, wind blown August day on San Francisco's Treasure Island where the props, hookers & locks get to be 7's players... demonstrating that they can offload, crash and break the line just like a back. Maybe not as fast... but definitely with more power!

This year, that date is August 27, 2016 at Ray Sheeran Field, the home of the SFGG Rhinos. Each year, host Jake Nelson works harder to create a family event with rugby and fun for all. You can bet there will be plenty of brats and beer... add a bounce house and live music and you have a rugby family affair.

Men's and Women's brackets will be on display. But this isn't your normal 7's qualifier or social tournament where the gazelles get to sprint unabated, run up the score and go home with hardware. The baseline is 225 lbs and 30 years old. For every pound or year that your starting twelve give up or add, you can receive or subtract points in a truly "weighted" fashion. For example... if you are 250 lbs and 33. Your team gets the handicap of + 28. Yup... an opposing side with zero handicap has to score four tries to bring the score to 0-0.

Sign ups are happening and there are limited spots. Email Jake Nelson and shake your money maker, forwards. It's that time of year!

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