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Team Check in Information

***Arrive 90 minutes prior to your kick off time 
***Check in tent located at Field 1

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Check in Times: 

Men’s D3: 

8:15AM - - Captains Meeting with Ref Manager

8:30 AM - Team Check Ins 

  • Bend

  • LA Soul

  • Silicon Valley 

  • Tuscon 


Men’s D2: 

10:15 AM - - Captains Meeting with Ref Manager

10:30 AM - Team Check Ins 

  • Boise 

  • Red Mountain 

  • San Jose 

  • San Luis Obispo 


Womxn's D2: 

12:15 PM - - Captains Meeting with Ref Manager

12:30 PM - Team Check Ins 

  • Atomic Sisters 

  • Camp Pendleton

  • Portland

  • Sacramento 


Men’s D1: 

2:15 PM - - Captains Meeting with Ref Manager

2:30 PM - Team Check Ins 

  • Belmont Shore 

  • O Club 


  • Seatle 


Womxn's D1: 

12:15 PM  - - Captains Meeting with ref Manager

12:30 PM - Team Check Ins 

 Notes from Match Commissioner: 

If your team gets in on Thursday at reasonable time on Thursday, I am happy to meet you at your hotel if staying in Henderson. Please reach out via email to set something up. If not, we will do this prior to kick off. 


My recommendation is to have all of your documents on a iPad with the players name as the jpeg or pdf name. In order of your team roster 1 through 28. 

Please email those at so I can have them printed off.


Passport is ideal as it shows us Residency and Photo ID 

State Issued ID or Drivers Lic plus photo copy of your birth certificate ( if you don’t have access to this, your player will be considered a Non Resident. You are allowed up to 5 on your game day roster).


Please be lined up and ready to go in order of 1 to 28 per your submitted roster.

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