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COVID-19 Update | Public Notice | October 2020


Executive Committee Public Notice

October 15, 2020

State and Local Protocols for Adult Recreational Activities

This is a reminder that there has been no change to the current USA Rugby and Northern California Rugby Football Union Return to Play standards relating to all rugby activities in Northern California.

Actions which result in injury, sickness or damage, as a result of violating the current State of California or local agency Public Health orders are not covered under USA Rugby membership or venue (facility) liability insurance.

Actions violating State of California or local agency protocols may be deemed detrimental to the image and reputation of USA Rugby and the Northern California RFU. A person’s actions has the potential to bring rugby’s standing and reputation into disrepute and therefore, the NCRFU Executive Committee, citing World Rugby’s Regulation 20: Misconduct and Code of Conduct, hereby give notice that any act that violates a State and/or local agency order, by a current or former NCRFU member, will be taken seriously.

As the sanctioned governing body of the adult game in Northern California, the NCRFU is not responsible for, and has no jurisdiction over, any non-sanctioned rugby activities. Any such rugby activities that are not sanctioned by the NCRFU, are at the individuals own risk and liability.

As of March 19, 2020, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the State of California Department of Health Services has mandated under public order, that no organized large gathering of sport or recreational activities in local recreation and park areas, of each county, are permitted. This mandate remains in placed until such time as the State has provided written public notice to allow activities to return to the conditions that were in place prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Use of recreational facilities are not permitted by the State of California or local regulatory agencies, unless permitted by the local agency specifically for the permitted user. Individuals who participate in a recreational activity without a permit, are individually liable for any action resulting in injury, sickness or damage to the person or property impacted by their use.

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