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Club Compliance for 2019 Season

Good Morning Fellow NCRFU Members,

With the season starting on January 12th, I wanted to take a moment and remind you all what is expected of our clubs during the upcoming league season as well as the procedures for engaging the Competitions Committee and/or the Disciplinary Committee. I am really looking forward to a smooth and fun season with some good rugby.

1. First and foremost, all clubs MUST be in good standing with USA Rugby. This entails having paid your dues to USA Rugby, a Level 200 Coach registered with your club and minimum number of players CIPP’d with your organization. Additionally, all players competing and practicing for your squad should be CIPP’d. Failure to do this could result in the denial of an insurance claim for the insurance provided by USA Rugby.

2. Please pay your NCRFU dues, they were due on 12/31

3. There are numerous policies that were passed this last year that govern how our clubs interact on Saturdays, they are available at the NCRFU website here, or were distributed following the approval of membership at the AGM

4. Any dispute surrounding these polices should be heard by the competitions committee. To engage the competitions committee you must email the scheduling secretary at 48 hours following the disputed match. The committee will then call a hearing with at least 36 hours notice to all impacted individuals and teams.

5. At the December meeting, the Executive Committee expanded the requirement that home team of any league match must film the game and provide a copy to the DC, NCRRS, EC, or away team upon the request to apply to all NCRFU matches and not just specific divisions. Previously this was required of all clubs except Men’s D3 and Women’s D2. The strong club initiative is available to any club that needs help securing the necessary equipment. There will be a $100 fine for any home team that fails to film a NCRFU league match, this policy is a year old. A hardship waiver may be obtained from the Competition’s Committee in advance.

6. While all red cards are reported to the DC by NCRRS, member clubs have the ability to engage the DC for any conduct during a match that they believe warrants review. The policies for engaging the Disciplinary Committee are outlined in the league by-laws and require that the complaint be received within 48 hours following the match.

7. All clubs should review the USA RUGBY ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES to ensure compliance. Clubs with 2 sides should ensure their compliance with Section 3.5.

8. Clubs are required by the NCRFU to have a referee registered with the club and to be on call in case a NCRRS ref can not be scheduled or is unavailable.

9. This list is not exhaustive of all applicable regulations governing USA Rugby and NCRFU but merely meant to highlight some of the important items.

Thank you and please reach out with any questions. Lets have a great 2019 season!!


Andrew King

Scheduling Secretary of NCRFU

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