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West Coast 7's BBQ Contest

Hello Nor Cal Ruggers!

This email is going out to all NCRFU Senior Clubs to announce the West Coast 7s BBQ Challenge, presented by the San Jose Rugby Foundation.

The West Coast 7s is the premier collegiate 7s competition on the west coast and will have some of the finest collegiate rugby players in the country on display vying for the championship at San Francisco Golden Gate’s iconic Ray Sheeran Field on Treasure Island, the weekend of October 20th and 21st.

With that in mind, I am formally inviting your club to participate in the West Coast 7s BBQ Challenge, presented by the San Jose Rugby Foundation. This event will take place on Sunday, October 21 during the tournament and will provide concessions for the fans.

The rules for the contest are simple: each club can enter one team in the BBQ competition and will be required to cook (at minimum) 10 racks of ribs and 100 chicken legs throughout the course of the day (with additional ribs and chicken available as needed). At noon our panel of celebrity judges will conduct a blind taste test to determine the winner of both the rib and chicken competitions, as well as an overall People’s Choice voted on by the fans. Competition details are below.

Entry is $250.00 per team, and at this time we are limiting entries to one per club (see below for details). The first 10 teams to pay will be entered in the competition. Payment can be made via PayPal – send to or use the shortcut

This is not only a great chance to show off your club’s BBQ skills, but to recruit some of the finest collegiate rugby athletes in the country while watching a premier collegiate 7s event, the West Coast 7s.

Who is the San Jose Rugby Foundation?

The San Jose Rugby Foundation was formed in 2017 to foster and promote the growth and development of the game of rugby in the Greater San Jose area; to increase the awareness of rugby and its traditions; and to facilitate participation in rugby on local, national, and international levels for youth and adults, regardless of gender, with an eventual goal of finding a central location and building multiple rugby pitches with a rugby clubhouse for all to enjoy.

Thank you and I hope to see you at the West Coast 7s!

James Hinkin

Chair, Board of Directors

San Jose Rugby Foundation

Contest Details:

  • Entry is limited to existing adult men’s and women’s clubs

  • Entry is limited to the first 10 teams that pay via PayPal

  • Entry fee is $250 for that you get

  • 10 racks of ribs that you MUST cook off for the competition and the general public. (additional available as needed)

  • 100 chicken legs that you MUST cook off for the competition and the general public (additional available as needed)

  • 10x10 fire retardant serving tent complete with serving windows and fire extinguisher

  • 10x10 space behind the serving tent for use for cooking. All prep must be done inside the tent.

  • One 6x2 table for food prep

  • Teams are encouraged to bring signage or banners to identify the sponsor club, but all displays must fit on the tent provided without blocking service access.

  • Teams will be asked, but not required to provide team names. Puns, innuendo and other hilarity is encouraged, but any team name could be rejected by the Organizing Committee if deemed inappropriate, offensive or any other reason. There will be children present. Teams will be identified as “Our Team Name representing Rugby Club RFC”. Should a team not submit a team name they will be identified as the “Rugby Club RFC” team.

  • A handwashing and sanitation station will be set up for use by each team. This is a health requirement so liberal use is encouraged

  • Ice will not be provided or needed except for personal use.

  • At this time we are limiting entries to 1 entry per club. This includes all sides under a club umbrella, so clubs such as Life West or San Jose can not enter 2 teams, one for men and one for women, or one for the D3 side and one for the D2 side, etc.

  • All members of a team must be CIPP’s with the sponsor club. This will include 2017 CIPP as well as current CIPP as not everyone has started registering their players for the upcoming season.

  • Each team is required to have a three (3) team members to cook, prepare and serve. These three people will be granted entry to the grounds for free. Teams may have more team members to help but each additional team member must pay an entry fee to get into the event.

  • BBQ Contest Rules will follow the KCBS Association rules, a full rule set will be posted and sent to teams as they enter

  • Meat will be delivered to the teams by 6am. Chicken must be prepared and presented to the judging table by 11:30 Ribs will be turned in at 12:00. Turn in window is 5 min before or after posted time. Submissions more than 5 min after turn in will not be accepted. Turn in boxes will have no less than 6 pieces of meat, no garnish is allowed. There must be no marking on the entry provided to identify which team prepared it. Judges will conduct a blind test of taste, tenderness and appearance and tally scores accordingly.

  • Teams will prepare chicken and ribs and can bring any seasoning or sauce for said proteins, but nothing else. No electricity will be provided and teams are encouraged to use charcoal and/or wood burning appliances. Smokers are welcome.

  • All side dishes, beverages or any other foods are contracted out to other vendors.

  • All teams will be set up between 6-7am with any vehicles removed from the immediate area by 7:30am.

  • Event starts at 9:00 and teams are encouraged to have food ready for consumption by general public by 10:00.

  • Event ends at 4:00. Teams are expected to have their station cleaned and all BBQs, smokers, coolers, tables and other implements off the premises by 4:45 as the tents will be taken down at 5:00.

  • SJRF Organizing Committee will provide for disposal of charcoal and grey water.

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