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EC votes to hold Special Meeting

To All NCRFU Member Clubs:

The NCRFU Executive Committee has voted unanimously to call a Special General Meeting to address the concerns of Napa Valley RFC with regard to the action of the NCRFU Membership at the August 12, 2018 Annual General Meeting, which conditionally reinstated Napa Valley RFC as a member club in good standing. Napa has raised objections to the conditions being placed on their reinstatement, and has been informed by the Executive Committee that the only way to overturn a decision of the entire NCRFU Membership is to hold another vote of the Membership. Additionally, several other member clubs have mentioned to the EC that they felt that they did not have sufficient information surrounding Napa’s decision to default on the 2018 NCRFU season to evaluate Napa’s reinstatement at the AGM.

Notice of Special General Meeting:

Date: Monday, October 8, 2018

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Teleconference/Video Conference (Details to Follow)

Regarding: Napa Valley RFC Conditional Reinstatement 8/12/18 (Information Packet and Materials to be distributed shortly)

All member clubs are strongly encouraged to attend and, if applicable, cast a vote. Importantly, the divisional composition and schedules cannot be finalized until the Napa Valley RFC issue is resolved.

The President or other officially designated representative of each member club in good standing will be the only individual who may cast a vote on behalf of a member club. Proxies may be sent directly to NCRFU Secretary Dan Nagle prior to 12:00 noon on October 8, 2018 (due to the urgent nature of this meeting, email proxies will be accepted, but please clearly designate all names and positions in writing with the email).

Please contact me directly with any specific questions or concerns.


Dan Nagle

Secretary, NCRFU

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